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"Moving from being very busy to being very effective: The journey of our transformation as leaders"

Rob is COO of icare, one of Australia’s largest insurance companies which is a leader in managing workers compensation insurance.

In this live presentation Rob will chart the journey both he and his leadership team have been on to transform their individual and collective leadership styles, leading to a dramatic positive change in organisational impact. He will share the catalysts that led to this effort, mistakes made along the way, mind set changes and lessons learned.

This was not a smooth Disney-like journey but rather one filled with bumps, twists and turns complemented with honesty and soul searching along the way. As Rob says, he learned the difference between being 120% busy and less than 80% effective by moving to being 80% busy and 120% effective.

This will be a real practical based presentation full of useful anecdotes for anyone interested in becoming more effective as a leader.


Rob Craig joined icare in November 2015 and is currently the Chief Operating Officer, leading the organisation’s  Business Technology, Customer, Digital & Brand, Public Affairs, Strategy & Transformation teams. 

He brings to icare a wealth of knowledge gained from 25 years of senior positions in the financial services industry, with experience in general insurance, consumer, business and institutional banking as well as wealth management. 

His career has seen him work across the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia with his real passion and expertise lying in strategic development, transformational programs, technology integration, business product and process enhancement. He is an advocate for creative problem solving, out of the box thinking and improving customer experience with a demonstrated ability to successfully implement transformations in complex environments.