The Leadership Circle Profile
Certification (C1)


The Leadership Circle Profile Certification (C1) is a powerful, content rich and engaging three-day program. In attending, you will become certified to administer the Leadership Circle Profile (LCP) and the Leadership Circle Profile-Manager Edition (LCP-ME) and to provide debriefing and follow-through coaching for senior leaders and managers.

The Leadership Circle Profile is considered is a true breakthrough among 360-degree profiles. It helps leaders understand the relationship between how they habitually think, how they behave, and how all this impacts their current level of leadership effectiveness and business performance. Once this awareness is established, leadership development becomes more meaningful and impactful. Without this awareness, change rarely happens.

For more detailed information about The Leadership Circle Profile, please click here to view the brochure.

Who Should Attend?

This 3-day certification workshop is for organisational and leadership consultants, facilitators, executive and developmental coaches, internal organisational development and senior human resources professionals, and for company executives.  In registering please consider that a key criteria required by The Leadership Circle for attending certification is that you have prior coaching and/or one-on-one development experience. 

On registration we request that you forward a brief Bio or LinkedIn Profile which highlights your coaching/consulting experience in the following, or related, areas: Executive Coaching, OD/Change Management, Learning & Development, Culture Transformation, Executive Leadership &/or Management Development Programs, Senior HR Roles, Counselling or Psychology, Teaching or Group Facilitation.

Should you not have prior coaching experience, please contact us so that we can have a more detailed discussion with you to ensure the Certification meets your needs and there is a match to the criteria above. 

In order to meet certification requirements, you will be expected to attend all 3 days and demonstrate an ability to create a safe space through your presence for debriefing the LCP 360 to a satisfactory level of competence.  You will also be required to complete the Post Certification Requirements listed below.

Have you registered for the Collective Leadership Certification?

Our additional 1-day Collective Leadership Certification (CLC) is a companion certification to the 3-day Leadership Circle Profile Certification (C1) and is conveniently held at the same location. Workshop hours are 8.30AM to 5.30PM. In order to meet certification requirements, you are expected to attend the full day.   

N.B. Completion of the 3-day C1 Certification is a pre-requisite for participation in the CLC.

The CLC focuses on how to practically work with and effectively debrief teams and collective leadership groups.  Upon completion of the CLC you will be certified in administering and debriefing The Leadership Culture Survey (LCS).  You will also learn distinctions between debriefing the LCS and a Leadership Circle Profile Group Report.

The Leadership Culture Survey (LCS) fits seamlessly with the Leadership Circle Profile (LCP) because it is built from the same framework as the LCP. Where the LCP provides in-depth feedback for individual leadership development, the LCS builds readiness for change at the collective leadership level.

If you attended a Leadership Circle Profile Certification (C1) prior to 2017 you will be familiar with the Leadership Circle Culture Survey, however you would not have had the opportunity to delve into the LCS to the depth we believe it deserves. This additional 1-day program provides you with that opportunity, so we encourage all TLC consultants to join us for this content rich, experiential day focused on deepening your ability to understand, work with and effectively debrief the LCS for the greater benefit of your clients.

For more information view the Collective Leadership Certification Brochure.

The Certification Process - C1

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