Session 1

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Exploring The Leadership Circle Framework

Come and learn what all the excitement is about regarding the Leadership Circle Framework. This session is designed as an introductory session for those interested in leader development and organisational transformation. We will present why a strengths based tool can amplify strengths and concurrently highlight the liabilities of strengths for senior leaders.

The Creative Reactive mode combines the best of research into leadership competencies that drive business outcomes and effectiveness while at the same time highlighting our natural human reactions to stress. This framework is ideally suited for leaders navigating complexity in their roles, teams or organisations. It is best suited to assist senior leaders develop a sense of collective leadership in organisations. As one global leader with almost 100,000 employees in their organisation recently told us, “The Leadership Circle is the only framework we have seen in over 30 years that is actually making a massive impact in our organisation”.

Session 2

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Be Irresistible: How to use neuroscience to have your people love you more

Coach, consultant or manager … no matter what role you’re playing, you need your people to be with you, not against you. And whether you’re working one on one or with a group, you want the experience you provide to be one that's engaging, inspiring, and provoking.

The content you have is part of that, for sure. But it’s a smaller part than you might think. In fact, it's the process that makes all the difference. Master process, and you're on the way to creating irresistible experiences.

In this practical, hands-on and "the medium is the message" session, Michael Bungay Stanier shows us how we can use the neuroscience of engagement to refine and enhance every experience we create.

Translating theory in to everyday tactics and tools, this workshop will give you plenty of easy to implement ways to make sure every interaction with you is irresistible.

Michael Bungay Stanier is a leading coaching expert, author, renowned keynote speaker and the founder and senior partner of Box of Crayons, a company that works with organisations, ranging from AstraZeneca to Xerox, helping them build stronger teams and get better results.

Session 3

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Meta Systemic Awareness: Understanding Levels of Conscience in Organisations 

As our world is becoming increasingly complex, and our clients need ways of working with this, our capacity to understand, access and work with systemic intelligence is important to cultivate. This enables us to see the whole system, the complex web of relationships, the hidden dynamics, multiple perspectives and an expanded range of possible ways forward. It can reveal harsh truths that may need to be faced, as well as healthy ways to respond.

Systemic Intelligence works on three different levels – the personal, the collective, and evolutionary.

In this session we will cover some basic principles of system dynamics, explore them in action, and understand how they work with the different levels of conscience in organisations.

This session is ideal for both practitioners and leaders alike.

   Sarah Cornally

Sarah Cornally

Sarah Cornally has been studying system dynamics and organisational constellation work in Europe for the past ten years. She has found this a particularly powerful way to access deep insights, wisdom and innovative solutions in the face of complex and challenging dilemmas. Sarah’s work focuses on enabling leaders to collectively create successful businesses and organisations where people thrive whilst achieving the organisation’s purpose. She has a special interest in developing greater capacity to respond insightfully and effectively to uncertainty and complexity by exploring adaptive responses. Sarah provides training to organisational consultants in system dynamics and organisational constellations. It allows us to learn to listen to the wisdom in the system itself.

Sarah is an Executive Associate & Faculty with The Leadership Circle Asia Pacific, and leads certifications in the Asia Pacific region for the Leadership Circle System.

Sarah’s consulting work sees her advising C-suite leaders across government and top 100 companies on leadership and issue resolution, including the NSW Department of Human Services, Coca Cola Amatil, KPMG, Microsoft and Suncorp.

Session 4

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A Masterclass: Moving beyond the technical interpretation of a Leadership Circle profile and toward deep connection

** TLC Certified Consultants only

Steve Athey is a Founding and Global Partner at The Leadership Circle and The Full Circle Group. For almost 30 years, Steve has brought a deep integrated approach to long-term development.  Serving as a trusted advisor to senior executives and their teams as well as a mentor to leadership development practitioners worldwide, Steve works at the evolving edges of consciousness and capability – helping to maximise his client’s contributions and their personal experience of leadership. His clients include McDonald’s Corporation, Carlson Companies, Kaiser Permanente, Ameritech, GOJO Industries, American Express, DTE Energy, Level (3), University of Denver’s Daniel School of Business and the U.S. Navy. 

Leveraging deep curiosity and pragmatic compassion, Steve is masterful in recognising the less obvious patterns held within a client’s LCP 360 report. Having the ability to ‘cut through’ all the data to what really matters gives a coach a massive unique differentiation in both how they assist their clients and because of that, then having clients for life. Steve will help uncover the pathway to that ability.