The Leadership Circle

Our Universal Model of Leadership is the backbone of our assessment tools, coaching practices, and overall individual and organizational development methodology.

What Sets Us Apart

The Leadership Circle is far more than a leadership assessment company. Our team and practitioner community stand for real change, and provide a practical pathway to the kind of effective, evolved leadership that drives sustainable outcomes.


The Leadership Circle has its basement beginning roots in founder Bob Anderson’s life and mission. Since inception, The Leadership Circle has been focused on the development of people from the inside out – with the goal to help people grow and develop emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. Over a 20-year period, a Unified Theory of Leadership emerged with breakthrough tools advancing leadership development for hundreds of thousands of leaders.

Today, The Leadership Circle is a global leadership assessment and development company at the forefront of the field with offices around the world. Together we are striving to do much more than sell assessments. We endeavor to change the global mindset of leadership. We are focused on elevating the conscious practice of leadership, because we know consciousness and competence arise together to establish high levels of effectiveness.

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